A minimal scooter/skateboard hybrid.

Dolly is a raw, minimal scooter built with standard aluminum tube stock and off the shelf skate and rollerblade components.

The design is simple, clean and elegant. It is easy to ride, convenient to carry and it folds FLAT!

About the design

We designed Dolly to use standard components because we want it to be accessible in every way possible. Not just for easy riding, but so the design is legible and easy to understand. Dolly is pretty bare bones, so if you ever want to add stuff or change it up, you will know where to start.

Tea cup holder? Hot pink longboard wheels? Off-road wheels? Doggie basket? Luggage carrier? DO IT UP.

Tech specs

Materials : Aluminum
Dimensions folded ( L x W x H ) : 48" x 8" x 5"
Weight : 10 lbs
Truck : xxxxxx
Front Wheels : xxxx
Back Wheel : xxx
Bearings : Abec 5

Dolly comes in 2 different sizes: Regular + Tall. The only difference is handle height. Most people should go for regular, if you are super tall > 5'10", and want more of a two handed laid back ride, get the Tall.

How does it ride?

Dolly rides a lot like a longboard and a little like a scooter. The U-shaped handle bar is comfortable to hold onto and helps you lean to make quick carvy turns. The low to the ground platform makes balancing and pushing easy.

Why the name Dolly?

Dolly falls somewhere between that squishy thing you dragged around as a 4-year old and a hand cart. It is fun to play with, and also super convenient.

early prototypes
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telephone machine : 347-987-0001

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